Need remote access?


This is pretty much my first blog.
I'll try to keep interesting stuff posted here.

For today I have a couple interesting and really helpful tools to get connected to remote computer.
Have you ever need something you have in your work computer? or have your boss called you to get to the office to do some quick emergency fix in your day off?
Well, for that and many other reasons (perfect for persons who like to work from home) this two tools will make your live easier and the best of all... it's free!!.

This is a site that will install a little program in your computer and this will stay always connected to the logmein servers that will server as a bridge, then any time you want you can get connected to your computer from anywhere in the world without having to configure anything.
The free option includes a RemoteDesktop tool that you can use to virtually work on that computer, there are many other payed options that has many other great features.

This is a little program that will let you create a virtual network and let you and some people connect to this network as if it would be a local network, then share files, access local services, etc. You could even play network games as if you would be all in the same room.
For this product you have free access, but if you pay you get a service like for an enterprise.

I hope this tools help you.
I use them all the time.



Anonymous said...

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Feto said...

Thanks for the support.

Karen said...

A good post for a first-timer . I would like to add something. Apart from hosted solutions, we also have on-premise solutions for remote access. On-premise solutions are more secure as they reside in-house, and as they are managed by the company itself, monthly fees are not required (contrary to paid hosted solutions). Though on-premise solutions are known to be cost drivers, vendors such as RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com offer reliable cost-effective alternatives. In fact RHUB’s Remote Access appliance is a pioneer 4-in-1 appliance that integrates secure web conferencing, remote support, remote PC control, and webinar, in a single appliance.

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