Sync my iPod Touch/iPhone with Google Calendar

I've being looking a way to keep synchronized the calendar in my iPod Touch with my google calendar.

The first option is MobileMe, it has a lot of good features, but for somebody like me that already uses picasaweb, google calendar, gmail, notes, docs and all google tools is not likely that I will want to switch all I have to some other.
Then making some research I found GooSync, which would work on the iPod Touch/iPhone and should synchronize contacts, calendar and notes with google for $36 one pay never expire. So I decide to try out the free trial to make sure it meet my needs in order to buy it. There I found out that I need to have my iPod jailbreaked (the reason is because things like calendar and contacts are not accesible using the Apple SDK, so the only way to achieve something like that is using the jailbreak libraries, you can find out how to do it, is easy and already support last software version.).
When I tried the application it didn't got installed and I contacted the application support and their answer was:
"Unfortunately current Syncje client is not fully compatible with iPhone 2.x. Please note that our specialists are working hard in order for the client to be up to date. For further information please see http://nexthaus.com/products_b_iphone.html"
So I decided to look for more options and then I found a tool that also works with the jailbreak and is free.
NemusSync works really fine, at this moment it only supports both sides google calendar synchronization, which is fine for me.

I hope this be usefull for you as it were to me.